Tour Cano Piedra

Tour Cano Piedra

Tour to Cano Piedra

The beauty of Cano Piedra roots in its tranquillity and is symbolic for rural colombian lifestyle. You are going to visit a traditional colombian finca within the impressive colombian flatlands, enchanting with its pure sharpness and serenity, surrounded by the stunning mountains of Sierra de Macarena. On top of this experience you will be provided the opportunity to do a horse ride in this area and enjoy the sunrise on your way.

What the Tour includes
Duration: 1 day
Start of the tour: 04:30 / End of the tour: 10:00

  • Travel by car or horse (optional)
  • Visit of the flatlands
  • Sighting of the wonderful flora and fauna in this area
  • Local breakfast in a traditional colombian finca
  • Swimming in the natural pool of Cano Piedra
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Transportation to the sites
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tour guide during the day
Price per person: $150,000

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