Tour Cristalitos and El Mirador

Tour Cristalitos y Mirador

Tour to Cristalitos

Cristalitos is a rock formation similar to Cano Cristales, its riverbed covered with the unique and beautiful red water plant Macarenia Clavigera. During this tour you will cross the river Guayabero in a canoe, visit a finca, catch amazing views of the surronding flora and fauna, swim in the river and get to know the countryside outside of the pueblo La Macarena.

Tour to El Mirador

El mirador is a spectacular viewpoint on top of the Sierra de Macarena. During the hike you are going to see “La Vellozia”, a domestic flower symbolic for the municipality of La Macarena. On the lower part of the mountain domestic people installed a natural pool where you can lay back or join a colombian game game called “rana”.

Due to its short distance, the tours to Cristalitos and el Mirador can be done within the same day.

What the Tour includes
Duration: 1 day
Start of the tour: 12:00 / End of the tour: 17:00

  • Canoe trip on the river Guayabero
  • Ecologic hike to the top of the Sierra de Macarena
  • Sighting of the wonderful flora and fauna in this area
  • Hike to Cristalitos
  • Swimming in natural pools
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Transportation to the sites
  • Admission for the sites
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tour guide during the day
Price per person: $200,000

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